Automatic Pop Up Press Wooden eco friendly toothpick box

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  • The lid is pushed up and then closed and embedded in the box body, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust.

  • Press to open the lid.

  • Internally divided into four compartments and large space combined storage.

    Small size and large capacity, with compartments inside, easy to use for storing toothpicks without tipping over

    Compartment design

  • Goods in the lid box will not splash

    Press lightly, the lid rises steadily, and the items are not easy to spill

  • A variety of small objects are organized and stored in an orderly manner

    Can accommodate toothpicks, cotton swabs, dental floss, hairpins, etc., to meet various needs

  • Fresh three colors embellish the home space

    Available in 3 colors, with a white box body, injects agile vitality into simplicity

    Product Details

There are four compartments inside, neat and orderly storage

  • Material quality: PP, PS, stainless steel, bamboo

  • Yan color: green bamboo, red honey bud

  • Specifications: 1 piece/set

  • Package size: 8*8*11.7cm

  • Product size: 7.5*7.5*11cm

  • Product gross weight: 182.6g 

  • Product Net Weight: 155g

  • Packing method: film bag + kraft paper box

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