Easy Crust Dough Lattice Cutter

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Perfectly Patterned Pie Crust In A Matter Of Minutes At Home!

Perfect For Cherry Pies & Desserts

Is great to create a perfect cherry pie crust, decoration for other baked desserts and more!

12 Rolling Cutter Blades

Features as much as 12 rolling cutter blades for fast and efficient symmetrical lattice results!

High-Quality Design

Is made from food-safe, no-rust, high-sturdiness and durability materials!

High Efficiency In The Kitchen

Helps bakers save time and effort in preparing the dough, while providing them with a store-bought-like result!

Comfortable Pressure-Reducing Handle

Features a slightly curved handle to provide an ergnomic comfort and reduce the push force required to easily cut the dough!

A Multi-Use Size

Comes in at a size of 6.89 by 3.54 inches in size, so it's just as great for BIG pie crusts as it is for smaller baked desserts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use this on a pre-made frozen pie crust? 

A: The roller is made for fresh dough, but it’s just as easy to use on a pre-made one, as long as you leave it to reach room temperature! 

Q: Can I just throw it in the dishwasher? 

A: Depends on your dishwasher. It’s lightweight, so if your dishwasher has a special compartment, you can put it there. However, it’s super easy to clean - just soak it in the sink after use, wash it off and rinse! It’s as easy as that! 

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