Fantasy Rose Fairy Earrings

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Shakespeare once said: 'Jewelry is silent, but it touches a woman's heart most.'
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Brand profile: Luckysmallbell is a brand that sprouted for the pursuit of love in the romantic soil of Paris. Because of its fashionable and diverse design style, full of literary atmosphere, it is deeply favored by red carpet stars, fashion darlings and Internet celebrities.
I believe our Luckysmallbell will bring you different luck
Product Description:
Brand: Luckysmallbell
Size: 1.5in *1in
Style: Female
Material: alloy, zircon
Year of listing: October 2021
Style: hollow rose
Style: European and American style
Low sense, lead-free, nickel-free
Do you really understand the origin of roses?
The word 'rose' is derived from the Latin rosa, which comes from the Greek  (rhdon or wrdon in Aeolic), which itself is derived from the ancient Persian wrd (pronounced wurdi).
As mentioned earlier, since ancient Greece and its connection with Aphrodite, the rose has been a symbolic flower for thousands of years. This flower is even cited in Homer's 'Iliad', when the goddess protected Hector's body by giving him the 'immortal oil of roses'. When the Roman Empire became a Christian in the first century, no woman other than the Virgin Mary resonated with this flower. Ring the bell? This is why Christians pray to Mary with rosary beads! In England, it has been the national flower since the 15th century

The queen once, the queen forever!
Cleopatra himself has used this rose since ancient times. The main element is the myth of Aphrodite. The highly respected rose has become a universal symbol of love.
According to legend, Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of beauty, was stabbed by a white rose and dyed red with her blood...To this day, the red rose symbolizes love and passion, while the white rose symbolizes friendship, innocence and innocence. clean. . Not guilty. purity.

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