[One Minute Baking Oil] Multiple Nourishing Hair Mask

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Suitable for dry, dull hair that requires more deep nourishing treatment.

This is suitable for damaged, perm , coloured , rebonded hair and all kinds of chemically treated condition. it is also very effective and ideal for those with very dry , fried or damaged ends that requires more deep nourishing treatment .

With NaPCA, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and Keratin Protein, they perform selectively and treat hair according to the degree of damage. The conditioning agents help to disentangle the hair and makes it more manageable. One Minute Treatment leaves hair light, with increased body and better manageability.

How To Use:

Shampoo and towel dry the hair. And apply a generous amount of 30ml for long hair till shoulder, distribute evenly and massage thoroughly on hair for 1 minute, rinse thoroughly. Highly recommended to use twice a week for dry & damage hair.


Skin Type: For all skin types
Color: Lustrous Type,Water-light Type
Specification: 180ml


  • Multiple Nourishing Hair Mask

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