Horticultural Soil Detector

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Help plants grow healthy and you become a better grower easily.


Test your soil independently at home and get the results almost instantly.

unlimited testing, Works well as a day-to-day test unit

Works better than just using your finger - gives measurement not guesstimate

Quick results for quick actions, No special skills required  

Easily switch between the three modes with the push of a button.

Lets you know when to water to control HUMIDITY

Sunlight gauge helps you determine if the plant is getting adequate light.

A PH tester helps you monitor the PH level in the soil.

Scientifically sensitive probe

No Batteries or electricity needed plug and read


Make your dreaming Garden come true
Have you ever dreamed of owning a large glossy and green lawn covered with many plants or beautiful garden full of all kinds of fresh flowers?
But as a gardening novice, you're worried about that you won’t be able to make it!
Well, Let us help you archieve your dream! Atree 3-in-1 soil tester, a simple, easy to use and yet very effective soil ph meter that will help you make the dream for your belonged private garden come true!

Why do I need to test soil?
A suitable soil environment is important for the healthy growth of plants. This means providing ideal soil conditions, adequate water, sunlight and plenty of nutrients for your plants. 3 in 1 tester helps you know your soil more clearly and care your plants better. It will help you to avoid some of the common mistakes made by gardeners such as over or under watering and planting in an area with insufficient lighting and even highlight potential issues with soil that is too alkaline or acidic.

One device, three functionsMoisture Test

Let you know when to water. You will never over/under water your plants again with this tester.

Light Test

Help you to determine if plant getting adequate light

PH Test

Help you to control pH level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants, You will never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or Extreme alkalinity soil.

How to Use:
Step 1.Clean the probe, Switch to moisture/pH/light position according to demand.
Step 2.Insert the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches.
Step 3.No need to wait, plug and play.Moisture/pH/lightness can be checked immediately on the dial.
Step 4.Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use.

Suitable for Various Occasions

It is suitable for the indoor, outdoor, farm and garden plant. It make your plant grow better.




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