Light Voice Sensor Control LED Cute Cat Wall Light

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An adorable lamp that brings you warmth and brightness.

Designed to look as though it's taking a leisurely stroll, this Walking Cat Nightlight provides light source for you only when needed! Built-in sensor allows you to turn it on or off by clapping your hands from the comfort of your bed! Light will also turn on automatically when it detects motion and conserves energy by turning off after 120 seconds.

  • Smart LED cat nightlight activates upon hearing footsteps or clapping and turns off automatically after a period of non-activity.

  • Available in various kitty postures!

  • Saves energy as built-in sensor detects both lighting and sound condition! 

  • Perfect gift for cat lovers!

  • Battery powered light allows you to place it wherever you like - bookshelf, stairway, desk, wall, and more!

  • Waiting time of 120 seconds before switching off.

  • Premium sandblasted surface gives your kitty a matte finish which looks great in daylight!



  • LED Lighting

  • Battery powered (each piece requires 3 X AAA batteries)

  • Operation: Switch ON/ Switch OFF; Light Sensor & Voice Sensor Control

  • Warm glow creating cozy ambience

  • Hanging kit and instructions provided

  • Easy installation

  • Weigh 200g


  • 1 x Sound Control CAT Lamp



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