Mascara for Sculpting & Coloring Eyebrows

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💗Get Perfectly Sculpted and Tinted Eyebrows

This brow mascara lets you shape, fill, and tint your eyebrows all in one step. The unique 3D formula adheres to each brow hair, sculpting your arches exactly how you want them.

💗Define Your Ideal Brow Shape

The spiral brush lets you comb the tinted gel through your brows with precision. It coats each hair from root to tip, setting your brows in place without stiffness.

💗Tint and Thicken Eyebrows Seamlessly

The conditioning formula adheres pigment to your brows that lasts all day. It thickens and fills brows for a naturally fuller look, without harsh lines or gaps.

How To Use❓

First dampen the brush or gel. Dip the spiral brush into the eyebrow mascara and stroke through your brows. Apply light layers and blend until you achieve your perfect, sculpted shape. The water-resistant formula ensures your new look stays put.

What's Included:

1x Brow Sculpting Gel
1x Spiral Application Brush
1x Brow Trimming Tool

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