Natural Lifelike Freckle Pen

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Product net weight: 2.5ml

Product gross weight: 20g

Product color number: light brown/dark brown

Use period: 3 years validity

Product Efficacy: Fine depiction, point out natural artificial small freckles


Get the easiest, natural looking faux freckle look with this lil QT! Super long wearing formula, buildable customizable color, and the softest felt tip applicator, create the most effortless sunkissed look.

Step1: Choose the right position. Generally, the most important position for natural freckles is the frontal bone, above the bridge of the nose.

Step2: Use a freckle pen to create freckles, point the freckles pen directly on the face or on your fingers, and then cover the desired place with your fingers The place where freckles grow, which is more convenient and less error-prone

Package Included:

1*Freckle Pen

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