Non Slip Baby Shoe Socks

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Your Babies First Steps Are Precious, Support Them In A Safe And Healthy Way

Shoes are specifically designed to be flexible and mimic being barefoot. Helping your little ones feel the ground with every step, encourage them to walk safely, confidently AND promoting healthy development of their motor skills, foot muscles and leg muscles.

Big Toe Box, Stretchable TopSuper Comfy & Fits Perfectly

The key to a comfortable and natural walk is the right fit.

the knitted stretchable fabric makes them perfect for literally all foot shapes & sizes. Their cotton fabric is breathable and does not crush the top of their foot or leave red ring marks around their ankles (a sign of restricted blood flow).

The big toe box allows enough space for your little one's free toe movement supporting cognitive and motor skills development.

Say buh-bye to all sorts of painful chafing. Your baby’s feet are finally in the right shoes!

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