Push corkscrew

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This automatic bottle opener makes the perfect 'cool gadget' gift for a beer lover, amateur bartender, craft beer enthusiast or bottle cap collector. This bottle top popper also happens to be the perfect stocking stuffer size!

Will not damage the cap

Bottle cap collectors and souvenir lovers rejoice! The Push bottle opener keeps your bottle cap intact so you can revisit it later.

No wrist-twist

Just place it on your bottle, push down, and voila! The cap pops off. The easy action ensures you can pop bottle after bottle without cramping up your wrist.

Looks great at the family bar

The push-in bottle opener is stylish and simple in design, with a variety of styles to choose from. No matter what your bar looks like, you will find a color to compliment it.

In the future, it may look like a magical decapitation bottle opener, but it is actually a super simple spring-loaded bottle opener that makes every bottle opening experience more interesting.

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