Red Ginseng Bird's Nest concealer Liquid Foundation

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The Concealer that Covers Everything in Just 5 Seconds

Can modify pores, watery and silky. Creates natural , snowy and beautiful skin, leaving the skin with a velvety, soft and luminous feeling.

Red Ginseng Extract

Red Ginseng Liquid Foundation has long-lasting concealer to help cover up facial imperfections. 24H moisturizing without sticking powder, help you get rid of the above troubles

Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Contains sodium hyaluronate, two lobed yeast extract, moisturizing and moisturizing, superior concealment and care, smoothing roughness, fine lines, clear and moisturizing texture and easy to apply


Happy Customers!

It contains whitening and moisturizing repair composition, protects skin make your skin looks like much more perfect.


Propolis extract, beeswax, liquid paraffin, styrene/VP copolymer, mineral fat, CI 14700, tocopherol

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