Scrunchie Purse 2 0

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Product Description:

Secret Hidden Zipper: Our hair scrunchies contain a hidden zipper pocket  which can hold your valuable personal items such as keys, cash, jewellery, hairpins, credit cards, face masks or hair ties etc. 

Upgraded Designs: The Hidden Zipper is made of Stainless Steel Silver. We have made strong elastic upgrades to our 2.0 design and up to 50 different styles and options available. 

Premium Velvet: Our hair scrunchies with hidden pockets are made of premium velvet fabric and a durable rubber band which is soft and skin-friendly.

Wide Range Of Use: The Scrunchie Purse 2.0 can  be used for various occasions. You can wear them to parties, social events, the gym, shopping days or just general day to day activities.

Soft Velvet And Premium Elastic: Our scrunchies are made of high-grade velvet material with a soft finish in various colors to ensure your hair stays up without any snagging or pulling whilst looking stylish! The durable elastic will securely hold up your hair in a bun, ponytail or any style whilst securely holding your valuables.

Stash On The Go: Fashionable in your hair or on your wrist! Suitable for curly hair, straight hair, ponytail, buns, thick or thin hair.

Makes The Perfect Gift: Ladies of all ages love a good Scrunchie! This is the perfect gift for runners, trendy teens and everyone in between. For your friends and family who value convenience and fashion, the Scrunchie Purse 2.0 will make the perfect gift!

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