Smart Kitchen Condiment Set

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  • Durable Material. Made of high quality clear glass+ food grade silica gel, high temperature resistant design, could be placed safely next to the cooktop, durable, transparent glass body, condiments at a glance, you can quickly distinguish The seasoning you want saves time for your cooking.

  • One-piece Design. Spoon cover is integrated, easy to take, does not soil the hands, no need to screw the lid, easy to open the lid can be used, so that your cooking is no longer in a mess. The jar also has a leakproof silicone gasket on its wide mouth the lid for airtight sealing so you perfectly preserve any ingredient keep it fresh for longer.

  • Delicate Design. Cylindrical handle design, ergonomic design, easy to open and close. heat resistant, comfortable to shake hands, not easy to get rid of, easy to dig the desired seasoning, one-step, multi-functional, a variety of powdery liquid viscous seasonings can be stored, such as sugar, salt, spices, pepper, seasoning, honey bee, olive oil other liquid sauce, chicken broth powder, corn starch and more to meet your different choice in one step.

  • Specification. Each jar in size approx: 2.56(W) x 5.9(H) / 6.5cm(W) x 15cm(H), capacity approx: 8.45oz / 250ml.

  • We have 3 sets for you to choose:

  • Set of 3: inludes 1 black spoon, 1 black  brush & 1 black honey

  • Set of 4: includes 4 black spoon

  • Set of 6: includes 6 black spoon

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