Tummy Shaping Waist Trainer

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Put on our ComfyPro™ waist trainer and get instant abdominal compression. No more flabby belly with this trainer! It holds in everything, giving you the slim and thin look you’re longing for. When using our ComfyPro™ waist trainer, instant hourglass curves are only the beginning of the benefits. It’s more than shapewear-it’s a lifestyle loved by celebrities and everyday women alike. You get a flatter stomach, improved posture, decreased appetite, and increased core thermal activity every time you wear it.

  • Suck in all belly, waist, and muffin top
  • Flatten stomach and prevent overeating
  • Promote post-pregnancy belly recovery
  • Improve your exercising and diet efforts
  • Stay in place with no rolling up or down
  • Invisible and smooth under clothes

You’ll instantly lose up to 3 sizes off your waist as soon as you secure the trainer. For lasting results, wear it for 6-8 hours daily for 4 weeks, and you’ll lose up to 4-inches off your waist. Simply slip on the trainer every day, and watch the sexiest version of you emerge.

The waist trainer is sized by the waist, so please choose your size according to your waistline (NOT weight or height). Since the waist trainer is designed to offer tight control, you may want one or two SIZE UP if you’re just starting your journey of waist training. You can move the size down after your waist gets slimmer. Therefore, we recommend you buy two or three different sizes for your waist training.

Size Waist (inches) Waist (cm) Torso (inches/cm)
XS 22-24 56-61 10/25
S 24-26 61-66 10/25
M 26-28 66-71 10/25
L 28-30 71-76 10/25
XL 30-32 76-81 10/25
2XL 32-34 81-86 10/25
3XL 34-36 86-91 10/25
4XL 36-38 91-97 10/25
5XL 38-40 97-102 10/25
6XL 40-44 102-112 10/25

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